Western Australia is an ancient, energetic land, brimming with opportunity ready for you to discover. Share an adventure with family and friends, learn at our outstanding education institutions or work in our thriving economy. Wherever the journey takes you, we look forward to welcoming you to Western Australia.

It’s like no other.


Wide open spaces and otherworldly adventures await you.

It’s like no other.

The unique and splendid beauty of a Western Australia adventure is an experience you will remember for a lifetime.


Begin, return or extend your student journey in Perth. WA’s world leading institutions are ready and waiting for you here.

It’s like no other.

With quality programs, a great lifestyle and a wealth of employment opportunities, we’re excited to welcome you to our community.


Western Australia offers the world a unique set of strengths and capabilities.

It’s like no other.

Our highly-skilled workforce and abundant resources coupled with outstanding innovation and expertise has built our global reputation for delivering outstanding quality.


Western Australia is home to the nation’s most affordable capital city to buy a house, with a significant pipeline of work.

It’s like no other.

We’re creating employment opportunities and offering secure quality jobs across a variety of industries throughout Western Australia.