Invest in the West

It’s like no other.

Diverse opportunities, robust supply chains and a collaborative approach to investment, combined with our highly skilled workforce, modern infrastructure and close proximity to Asian markets, make Western Australia an ideal partner for business worldwide.

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A global energy company, headquartered in WA

We are a top 10 global independent energy company by hydrocarbon production, set to play a larger role in providing energy the world needs now and into the future.
We’ve announced plans to establish a world-scale hydrogen and ammonia production facility near Perth.

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INPEX-operated Ichthys LNG offshore production facilities

INPEX’s commitment to Australia

AU-$60-billion INPEX-operated Ichthys LNG represents the largest overseas investment by a Japanese company, contributing an anticipated 40 years of social and economic benefits to Australian communities. Our Australian head office in Perth is larger than our global headquarters in Tokyo.

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Albermarle Lithium Joint Venture, Kemerton SIA, Western Australia

Strategic Industrial Areas for Lease

Strategic Industrial Areas benefit from the WA State Government’s Lead Agency Framework, designed to ensure proponents can be guided effectively through approvals processes and know what is expected of them to bring complex business operations, new technologies, innovations and progressive operations to life.

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Offshore workers working together during anchor handling job on a construction barge at oil field

Australia’s Future Decommissioning Workload

CODA’s own research shows there is more than US$40billion of decommissioning work necessary over the coming 50 years in Australia’s offshore oil and gas industry alone – over half of which needs to start within the next decade.

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Kwinana Energy Transformation Hub aerial south view

Kwinana Energy Transformation Hub (KETH)

The Kwinana Energy Transformation Hub is a state-of-the-art industrial-scale research and training facility designed to drive new innovations and de-carbonise our energy sector. Through broad-reaching research KETH will unlock hydrogen technologies, demonstrate net-zero production processes, and explore CO2 utilisation.

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AOG Energy returns in 2023

AOG Energy returns to the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre in March 2023 as a three-day event. As Australia’s premier oil, gas and energy trade event, AOG Energy continues to drive opportunity, discussion and leadership in Australia’s oil, gas and clean energy sector.

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