Discover a world of opportunities in Western Australia

It’s like no other.

Western Australia is an ideal destination for students, offering a world-class education and a high quality of life. Western Australia has amazing landscapes, a variety of academic and social opportunities, and a friendly, multicultural community.

Western Australia is home to more than 125 high-quality education providers, offering world-leading programs in high-demand industries like engineering, health, technology and education. Cutting-edge research facilities, coupled with robust academic courses, provide students with the tools, industry knowledge, and expertise necessary to succeed in their future career.

The Western Australian Government is committed to supporting students to make the most of their study journey and find their passion. With a diverse range of employment opportunities and industry connections, Western Australia looks forward to helping you launch your global career.

Study in Western Australia

Students studying in Western Australia

World-class education

Western Australia offers a world leading education system across higher education, vocational training, pathway and English language courses as well as schools. Western Australia is a premier destination for science, engineering, technology, medicine and health, commerce, education and the arts, with many institutions offering academic excellence combined with hands-on learning and invaluable experiences in high-demand industries. Plan your student journey to Western Australia today.

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Students living in Western Australia

Student support payments

In Western Australia, every student deserves the best possible support to achieve their academic and personal goals. The Western Australian Government offers a number of prestigious scholarships and grants to help with living, travel and education costs. These support programs help students settle into their new environment and feel at home in Western Australia.

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Students socialising on a beach in Western Australia

Connect with our community

Western Australia has a thriving student community, perfect for international students who want to experience a unique culture, make new friends and learn in a diverse environment. Student clubs and societies offer opportunities to connect with people who share the same interests.

Begin your student journey with StudyPerth – Western Australia’s leading organisation connecting students to Perth’s best education, social and work experiences. You’ll join a community and gain access to a range of free tools and services including course and job information, destination day trips and a vibrant Student Hub located in Perth City.

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Students gaining practical skills in a workshop of a Western Australian education provider

Work opportunities

Western Australia has a strong economy and job market with many employment opportunities for students. While studying, you’ll get access to explore career pathways and find your passion.

The Western Australian Government aims to attract international talent, and local businesses are looking for skilled graduates to help them grow and innovate. Extended post-study work rights mean you can stay for longer after graduating, giving you time to build your skills and launch your career in Western Australia.

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Students enjoying travelling in Western Australia

Travel in Western Australia

Western Australia has stunning weather and landscapes, from the rugged beauty of the outback to the pristine beaches of the coast.

Within a few hours of the city, students can find themselves in nature and wildlife, experiencing the unique culture and history of Western Australia. A world of opportunity and adventure is waiting for you in Western Australia.

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Parents with a student studying in a Western Australian school

Schools in Western Australia

Western Australia’s public schools are modern and equipped with state of the art facilities to help students receive the best education possible. To help you make an informed decision for your child, click below to discover a list of public schools in Western Australia, and essential information about school initiatives, academic programs, activities, and enrolment procedures.
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