World-class research and education

It’s like no other.

Western Australia is home to world-class research institutions and cooperative research centres undertaking research and development to decarbonise the energy sector. Two of our universities are ranked globally in the top three in mining and engineering disciplines, offering students an exceptional education.

Collaboration is key

We work with researchers, entrepreneurs, subject-matter experts and parallel leading industries to combine our capabilities, solve collective challenges, and create shared opportunities along the way.

FutureLab helps us bridge the gap between ‘business as usual’ and ‘business as possible’ and turn bold ideas into better.

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FEnEx CRC and WA Universities

The FEnEx CRC has established partnerships with Universities and vocational education institutions to develop industry-ready researchers, engineers and operators, through programs and courses. It will produce 60 PhD scholars, develop micro-credential courses and establish an Associate Degree in Applied Technologies.

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Powering Progress

Helping local communities to thrive

Shell supports the growth of local businesses through mentoring and business initiatives. In Western Australia, we support programs driven by the Waalitj Foundation, focusing on education, employment and business opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

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AOG Energy Conference,
15-17 March 2023

The AOG Energy Conference is built with the industry, for the industry. The Conference addresses opportunities and challenges in the energy industry, with a significant and renewed focus on industry supply, local capability, the energy transition, hydrogen, subsea and innovation.

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